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Passing the Ontario licensing exams is not an easy task. The licensing exams are mentally challenging, emotionally grueling, and physically draining. There is a lot of dense study material to cover in a short amount of time, some of which you won’t be familiar with. Passively reading the licensing materials and hoping for a stellar performance on test day is a risky strategy.

With LawExams.ca you will:

Improve your timing on the licensing exams – are you looking up too many questions in your indices and running out of time? Are you rushing through the questions because of time pressures and making careless errors? There is no way to answer these questions without taking a timed practice exam that mimics the real exam experience. With LawExams.ca’s built-in countdown timer you can practice the pace at which you respond to questions, learning what works best for you and revising your test taking strategy.

Become familiar with law exams in a multiple-choice format – law school exams are long fact patterns with essay responses; few, if any, students have written a law exam in a multiple-choice format. With multiple-choice exams you can’t argue your way around an issue; you either know the answer or you don’t. With exposure to this style of testing through the LawExams.ca practice exams you will be familiar with the pit-falls of multiple-choice style questions and you won’t be as rattled on test day when you encounter one on the licensing exams.

Get to know your indices and the layout of the licensing materials – being able to quickly pinpoint answers to questions buried in the extensive licensing materials is crucial. Every minute counts and wasting time flipping through pages without a clue as to where to find the information is a sure path to failure. The LawExams.ca practice exams are designed to help you become familiar with both your indices and the layout of the licensing materials. Unlike other exams, our questions will make you flip through the licensing materials in search of answers; there are no low-ball questions, no answers you can find just by looking at the headers. More importantly, our professional responsibility questions are interspersed throughout the core sections, forcing you to change gears just like you would on the real thing. You’ll still be flipping through your licensing materials on test day, but after taking our practice exams you’ll be far more prepared for it.

Improve your understanding of the licensing materials – unlike other practice exams, every single LawExams.ca question comes with an explanation. Although the questions you will encounter on test day differ from the questions created specifically by LawExams.ca, knowing why you got a question wrong is paramount to your success. By reviewing our explanations you’ll improve your understanding of the licensing materials and you’ll be able to leverage that knowledge to the questions you encounter on test day.

Refine your test taking strategy – Knowing which questions you answered incorrectly on the practice exams is just as important as knowing which ones you answered correctly. But the LawExams.ca results summary does more than just identify the questions you got right or wrong. Our results summary has detailed metrics for overall performance, question difficulty and section. With these metrics you’ll know what areas you need to work on and you’ll be able to refine your test taking strategy to maximize the number of questions you answer correctly on the licensing exams.

Don’t let the stress and fear of the licensing exams cripple you. Take charge of your learning with LawExams.ca, and raise the bar to your exam success!

For additional information on what sets LawExams.ca apart from the rest visit our WHY CHOOSE US? page.

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