Why Choose LawExams.ca?
Below is a description of the features of the LawExams.ca experience that sets our practice exams apart from the rest.

Reasons Why You Should Sign Up

Our Practice Exams have a Realistic Experience
Features unique to LawExams.ca include:
  • The LawExams.ca countdown timer is built into the practice exam software. Like the real thing it counts down the hours and minutes to the end of the exam.
    • With our countdown timer built into the practice exam software you can’t “cheat” on your time the way you could if you were timing yourself with a watch.
    • Use our countdown timer to monitor your performance. If you’re looking up too many things in your indices, you’ll have to speed up or risk running out of time. If you’re rushing through the questions because of times pressures, slow down and ensure you aren’t making careless mistakes.
  • The LawExams.ca questions are of varied difficulty that approximate the licensing exam questions. Like the real thing, the LawExams.ca practice tests are a blend of low, medium and high difficulty questions. But don’t let the names of the categories fool you; all of our questions are designed to challenge you in some way.
    • What our questions teach you:
      • Low difficulty questions focus on improving your familiarity with the layout of the licensing materials and use of your indices.
      • Medium difficulty questions require you to synthesize information from multiple locations within the licensing materials; simply finding the location of the information will not be sufficient to answering these questions.
      • High difficulty questions involve math, logical reasoning and/or complex information synthesis.
    • Use our metrics to identify which types of questions you are struggling with; focus on those areas that require improvement (but don’t lose sight of your strengths).
  • Professional Responsibility questions are interspersed throughout the practice exams, just like the real thing.
    • Being able to recognize the professional responsibility questions and knowing where they are located within the licensing materials will save you precious time on the licensing exams.
    • Use our layout to practice flipping through your licensing materials and alternating through the bounded books if you are binding professional responsibility separately from the core materials.

Our Practice Exams have Enhanced Metrics
  • Metrics breakdown your performance by:
    • Overall performance
      • Questions it answers: did you pass the practice exam? What percentage of questions did you answer correctly?
    • Section
      • Questions it answers: what percentage of each section did you answer correctly or incorrectly? Which section did you have the lowest and highest scores? Which section do you need to review to improve performance?
    • Difficulty of questions
      • Questions it answers: what percentage of the low, medium and high difficulty questions did you answer correctly or incorrectly by section? What questions are you struggling with?
  • Graphical and numerical representations of performance
    • Sample Solicitor Practice Exam Results Page 1:
      LawExams.ca Ontario Solicitor Exam Results

Our Practice Exams have Unique Examiner Features
  • With the LawExams.ca practice exams you have the ability to:
    • Flag questions to return to
    • Pause the exam
      • Although we’ve give you the ability to pause the exam we recommend that you set some time aside to complete the practice exam from start to finish. Doing so will help you build up your stamina for the real thing.
  • Once you submit your practice exam, LawExams.ca will provide an explanation for each and every question (whether answered correctly or not).
    • There is no value in memorizing our questions because they are unique to LawExams.ca. However, there is immense value in understanding why you got a question wrong. Review our answers and satisfy yourself that you understand the licensing material.